New members are always very welcome.

We have reviewed our current year membership fees; and are pleased to offer new customers the below:

Single membership = £15.00
Couples membership = £25.00
(couples must live at the same address)

Please call into the club to complete the membership forms and have a look around. 

Or Click below to read and download the membership form.

Full membership form 2022 – WORD Format

Full membership form 2022 – PDF Format


Dear members
As you know it is the time of year to renew your memberships whilst some members have done this there is still some of you who haven’t paid your fees for this year. (£15 single & £25 per couple living at same address)
The end of January has come and gone and we are into the second week of February, so we are giving you now to Monday 28 February to renew your memberships.
For the first time in two years we will be having our AGM in March and I will have the list as to who has paid.
You will be asked to show your membership cards on arrival and for those who have not paid up will not be allowed in.

(Rule 15) non-payment of subscription:
If any member has failed to pay their subscription within 28 days after the same has become due, they shall be considered in arrears, and notice of the default shall be sent to them by the secretary, and if the sum due be not paid within another 28 days after such notice has been sent they shall cease to be a member and their name shall be removed from the register of members.
No member in arrear shall be permitted to make use of the club or take part in its affairs.